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Hair Restoration & Hair Transplants in Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina Hair Transplantation for Men & Women

PAI’s exclusive trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure uses a blend of different hair groupings (grafts) that are moved, or redistributed, according to the natural way in which they grow, giving patients more hair and natural results in a single procedure. This means less downtime and a lower overall investment.

Proven Hair Transplant Regina SK Results. Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ transplant surgery yields more overall coverage and hair density that can be achieved by typical follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular unit transplantation (FUT) transplant procedures and is a perfect hair transplant solution for both men and women, regardless of hair type.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ combines the strengths of micro and follicular unit grafts with the advantages of multi-unit grafting to create a much more natural hairline that is both gender and age appropriate.

The Benefits of Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Why choose PAI Medical and our Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure? Let the benefits speak for themselves:

  • hair transplants regina saskatoon saskatchewanMaximum hair density and volume of any hair transplant procedure
  • Overall cost savings with fewer hair transplant sessions
  • Totally natural, completely undetectable results and appearance
  • Ideal for both men and women with moderate to advanced hair loss, and all hair types
  • Unmatched hair transplant results

But the most significant reason to consider the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ option is totally natural looking results and overall hair density. One hair transplant session delivers up to twice the overall transplanted grafts when compared with traditional FUT and FUE transplantation techniques.

Comfortable Out-Patient Hair Transplant Procedure

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ typically takes less time than FUE hair transplants with the average MUHG procedure lasting generally from three to five hours. Shorter procedure time also lessens the possibility of hair attrition while improving patient comfort. Hair attrition is simply a condition where some of the hair being transplanted dies before it can be transplanted. This can occur when procedures last longer than six hours.

At PAI, patient comfort is paramount. While relaxing in an ergonomically comfortable chair, patients can watch TV, listen to music, read, use their mobile phone or tablet, and even take a nap.

PAI hair transplants regina saskatchewanCompletely Natural Looking Results

Our specially developed and trademarked MUHG hair transplantation technique enhances your transplanted hair density by utilizing a combination of multiple graft sizes, including multiple follicular unit grafts to keep hairs together in naturally occurring patterns.

Enhances Donor Area Results

With Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ from PAI, a micro-thin one centimeter strip of tissue is harvested from the most dense area of hair on the back of the patient’s head. This ensures that surrounding areas of hair are left untouched and available for future procedures if desired. Unlike traditional FUE procedures, this technique does not compromise the donor area, thereby limiting the number of potential procedures a patient may elect over their lifetime.

Proven PAI Hair Transplant Results in Regina, Saskatchewan

If you are considering hair transplantation, get the facts you need to help you find the perfect hair restoration procedure for you. We encourage you to contact our Regina Hair Restoration clinic today to learn more about the hair restoration options available to you. A professional PAI Medical hair restoration specialist will work one-on-one with you to help you find the perfect hair loss solution for you.

Travel to Transplant. If you don’t live in the Regina area, don’t worry! We will arrange all the logistics of booking your procedure at our nearest PAI surgical hair transplant centre closest to you. Your patient experience will be confidentially and professionally coordinated by our trained team. Take the first step in gaining your confidence back and book your complimentary consultation with our hair loss expert today!

What Our Client’s Say

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“The people at PAI are very knowledgeable. I talked to the doctor that did my procedure and he explained the whole thing to me. There was no sales pressure.”
~ Keith

“It has been 10 months since my transplant and, as you know, I was a little skeptical the first five or six months. I can honestly say today, that the procedure worked exactly as I was told. It has given me the freedom to go anywhere without a hat whenever I want. I couldn’t be happier with the final result and couldn’t hesitate to have a second procedure.”
~ Rick C.



Whether you are experiencing thinning hair and want to stop your hair loss, or want more hair, we provide the most advanced and effective hair restoration procedures for men and women of all ages and hair types.

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